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Practice with AI

Practice AI section will allow you to practice with our AI scored questions in all Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing modules.

Buy Token area will allow you to purchase tokens to allow you to study in the practice section.

My Token area will allow you to view all of your purchased tokens.

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Mock test

Buy Mock Test AI section will allow you to purchase your mock test, all mock test will come with AI scored technology, you will receive your result instantly upon completion.

My Unlocked tests area will allow you to view all of your unlocked mock tests.

Test History & Analysis area will allow you to view all of your completed mock test results and weakness analysis.

You can view a demo video by clicking this button below

Last minute study

79, 65 and 50 bands templates section will allow you to download all templates depending on your desire target. You will need to purchase VIP tokens from Buy Token area to access this folder.

Useful tools you can find some awesome tools which can help with your studies

Additional Features

Request Coaching If you are not already an enrolled student of PTE Master, you can request coaching here

My Performance This area will show you a comprehensive overview of your Mock test performance, you will need to complete at least 1 mock test to unlock this feature.

Progress Tracker

This area will show you your level of consistency across all sections in PTE.
A 90/90 in 4 bands indicates that you have had adequate practice in all sections. This means you can start taking your first Mock Test to evaluate your performance.

Please note: Having a 90/90 in this area does not mean you will get the same 90/90 in Mock Test or Real Test as it takes skills and endurance to go through the whole 3 hours exam in 1 sitting.
So to know 100% whether you're ready to book the real exam, please take a mock test.

Before You Practice

Make sure to allow Microphone permission, this is required to practice Speaking with AI scoring system ( see images).

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